Apps Submitted, Studying for midterms, Dinner with friends

Hey! So if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my last two months have been consumed by endless writing and editing. This morning, I finally sent the last application in. I feel relieved that I can have more time to study for upcoming midterms!

I feel like school just started not too long ago but we’re already a month in! Does anyone else feel like your September has flown by faster than you expected?  The fact that my next midterm is this Wednesday has helped me finally process that we are deep into the school semester already.

Today was a perfect day in many ways. My pharmacology and physiology lectures were interesting today. My friend, Amanda, and I then got a ton of studying done. I have been studying a lot in quiet places in the libraries lately so it was nice to study somewhere full of life. Then I had fun meeting a bunch of Amanda’s friends. They were all super funny and laid-lack. We had dinner at the Gallery on the 4th floor of the Nest. It was my first time and I liked it there, though their food is a little pricey.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!




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