End of October


This Sunday, the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi successfully raised money for the Arthritis Society through the charity soccer tournament “Score Out Arthritis” and selling lots of baked goods. More money was raised through bake sales that we’ve been holding in the Nest, the place where lots of UBC students hang out and eat lunch.

If you want to help a good cause, specifically the BC Children’s Hospital, and love a good scare, go to Sigma Chi’s Haunted House this Thursday or Friday evening. It’ll be in Greek Village, which is close to the ice rink and the field. Admission is minimum donation of $5. I’ll be there Friday evening with some friends after our Chemistry lab. I know I really really need to study but I firmly believe that every student deserves a night off to celebrate Halloween. That said, I feel pained to stay in on Halloween night itself but I’m going to have to because I have a midterm next Monday and next Tuesday. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year because I love wearing and seeing other people wear costumes, watching scary movies and visiting haunted houses with my friends, and handing out candy. *sigh* There’s always next year.


The TAs in the Math Learning Centre were really helpful when I needed help before my math midterm. So if you need help, try dropping by in the LSK building. I didn’t do as well on my math midterm as I hoped to do and I was pretty sad. I have to figure out a better way to study math. What I’ve been doing before is not good enough. I’ll have to figure out a better way and study better for the final. If you have any tips on how to study calculus, please leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve been working more on my paper but stopped now to study for my upcoming physics midterm. (eek!)

Sorority Life: 

Big-Little Reveal and Pledge Ceremony happened. I also ate dinner with my new “family” consisting of my Big, grand Big, “twin” sister, and my Big’s grand little and great grand little.  The family is hard to explain. I loved meeting the girls and felt an immediate connection because everyone is so easy-going and just totally awesome. <3


Have a wonderful Halloween!



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