Grateful for a friend sharing this journey :)

So if you read this blog, you’ve heard Veena mentioned in every other post – because we do some many things together and are so alike we should have been born twins. So today is a special post in honour of the birthday of my “twin” and the fact she is stalking this blog today (hehe!).

I cannot express how grateful I am to have a friend that always get me about things we worry about and things we want to achieve in life , always offering to help me justice when something bad happens, study together for hours with and lend mutual motivation to get things done!

The journey to getting to what we want to achieve with lives feels more like a difficult at times but it’s a thousand times better to have a friend climb the same steps with you side by side.

Look forward to getting to the next step together and have food adventures together for a long long time.

Happy Birthday to this super smart, driven, ambitious, hard working, and humble friend!

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