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  1. Hi Shanna, I am currently in grade 9 and I was wondering tip 2 (Take a leadership role in at least 3 extracurriculars) can I take 1 extracurricular activity each year from Grade 10-12.

    1. Hi Harjot, I think that you don’t have to be doing all three leadership roles in the grade 11 or 12 year. It would be fine, and I would actually encourage you, to space out your leadership roles throughout your high school experience from grades 10-12 since leadership roles can be quite the time commitment. By the time you get to grade 11/12, you’re likely to be offered multiple chances at leadership because you’ve been part of the club for so long. But yes if you get offered the chance at leadership earlier in grade 9 or 10 etc, go for it! Start early and build up those leadership skills!

  2. Hey Shanna! I’m applying as an international student. How honest should I be on my personal statement . I experienced some family financial problems caused by political instability in my country which lowered my grades in grade 11 and other things. Will mentioning previous financial problems frighten admissions

    1. Hi Mason,

      If this was an experience that impacted you strongly, I would encourage you to be honest about it on your application. I would also write about how you have taken the efforts to still do the best you can in school despite all the things that happened.
      Wish you the best,

  3. Hi Shanna, would it look bad if I haven’t had many leadership roles but are part of various clubs and extracurriculars? I am running for president of a Book Club next year but I’m afraid I don’t have much else other than that.

    1. Hi Alexa, Becoming President of a Book Club would be awesome! I would encourage you to seek out more leadership roles if you can. You don’t ave to be president but maybe you can be the lead organizer for one fundraiser as part of the French club, or be part of the Prom organization Committee. That still counts as leadership.


  4. Hi Shanna, I’m currently in grade nine and I really want to go to UBC. However I’m not an ib student. Can you suggest multiple ways of having higher chances of getting into UBC

  5. Hi Shanna,
    I was waitlisted and then rejected for ubc kin this past year. I am taking a year off due to the pandemic and i’m gaining life and work experience as well as taking grade 12 physics. I really see myself in the program and i was considering reapplying. I was wondering what the chances of me getting in a second time. 92-93 average in ontario

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