If you’re having a rough day or week

Life can throw you awful things. Some are awful just in that moment but some are really awful.

Sometimes you’ll be fine in just another hour. Maybe after you eat lunch or when you finally get home after a day that felt like it would never end. Everyone has those days where it seems that everything that could possibly go wrong goes crazy. But after you sleep, you wake up to a fresh day.

Sometimes, you wake up and the next day is even worse. You’ve put up with that group of people’s disrespectful behaviour for a long time but you’ve been tipped over the end. You feel awful but hey, think about how long you’re been tolerant because you remembered the big picture. Be proud of yourself. While you’ve always believed in standing up for the people you care about, and the values and causes that you believe in, you knew that this was just others taking uncalled for shots on you and this was not a situation that is worthy of your fighting spirit. You’ve always had the choice to rashly blow up and spit back fire but you remembered the big picture. You’re not going to act that way.

You’re stronger than you think you are. You’ve already been doing so well but even the strong want time to take off their armour. Do what you need to do to feel better whether you need to complain in a long rambling story to someone, go for a swim, or go on a cleaning spree. Maybe you need to cry. Maybe you don’t. You know yourself best.

Then put back on your armour. Go back to keep this journey, sometimes battle, of life. Tomorrow could be nice or tomorrow could have all sorts of nasty surprises. Whichever, you’ll can tackle whatever challenges arise.

You can’t control the strength or frequency of the waves that comes at you but you can become a stronger swimmer. And you remember, you don’t know how strong you are until you try. You’re probably stronger than you think.


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Here’s a song to energize you back up so you can keep going! My favourite remix of Tritional’s Anchor (Official )



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