Looking beyond setbacks

Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed that I still have finish my applications but I don’t want to fall behind in school but there’s only 24 hours in a day and so on…  I struggled against writer’s block and asked myself, “What am I doing? It’s taken so much work to get here. Why am I faltering at this step?” I felt unsure of my own abilities because it seems that my belief that if I just try again and keep going, things would work out. At that time, it felt like that belief was wrong for once.

Today I remembered that school is my priority but it is not everything. It’s not worth getting too focused on. I had to turn down the invitation to today’s food tasting but stuck until two of my best friends (who are also food photographers) were finished to go home together.

We swapped funny stories on the way to the car and teased each other over the dumbest things. We even got wistful for a bit as we talked about our dreams and how we’re uncertain about achieving them but still going for it. The serious mood broke when the two broke into song to sing along with chorus at the same time. It was very fitting that it was the chorus of  Hedley’s “Perfect” that goes “I’m not perfect, but I keep trying”.

It was then as we laughed at how off tune the two were as we drove down past the beautiful darkness of the trees along Marine Drive, I remembered how lucky I am to have best friends that have had my back for the last 10 years. I remembered how lucky I am to be living my life that has been so full of precious people and experiences, and that I have so much to look forward to.

Most important of all, they helped me remembered that life is not going to be perfect, but it is still going to be awesome.

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