Post MCAT: what I’m grateful for

  1. I am grateful to be where I am right here right now. If I only believe that happiness is if I hold an acceptance letter, then I would be miserable! I am happy that I have the opportunity to chase a dream that isn’t possible for some people with different circumstances, such as those living in places where woman can’t attend school, or whose family obligations made it impossible. I’m lucky to have had the chance to study at university, to have the option of choosing my own path in my life, to be able to believe that I can make my dream a reality. And so, I am happy. Younger me said “one day I’ll write the MCAT”. I’m already at “one day” which feels crazy and I’m grateful to be.
  2. I am grateful for my friends who studied with me for 12 hours at a time for the MCAT, share advice and resources and all sorts of help, and be each other’s cheerleaders to remind each other that we can overcome things that seem scary at the moment but aren’t that bad once we can see past them. Super proud of them (special shout out to my smarty friend who score amazing on the MCAT!) and I’m so glad we’re in this together.
  3. Everyday I am so lucky to have a family so supportive of my educational goals. While I studied, I was very grateful to live with my family because they wanted to help me save time so another family member prepared dinner/let me off the hook for lots of trying-to-get-this-house-in-shape tasks, and so much more. They also offered a lot of cheerful “You do it!” and reminders that life isn’t perfect and that if things don’t work out, there are always chances to try again. I can keep going for pages about how awesome my family is, but I’ll stop here to not bore you readers to death.
  4.  On that topic, I am going to try my hardest to do what I can but I’m thankful that if things don’t work out (which is always possible but nothing is 100% certain!), I have chances to try again!
  5. That writing this blog has helped me reflect on what my life has been like often and helps me stay positive! When I think about what I write, I tend to think about what I am grateful for and what has made me happy.
  6. Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey! 🙂

What I’m up to: Finances!

  • I’ve been making a conscious effort to educate myself on managing finances. Early in first year, I wrote about how I started thinking about finances and that I went with Veena to the bank to learn all about different options for saving money. Now as I’m soon to start third year, I’m investing even more time into this now thinking about what I need to do to plan for at least 5 more years of tuition. In addition, if I have to move to another city, I also need to be conscious of potential housing costs, bills, and more. I strongly believe that even if we’re young, we shouldn’t wait to learn about these until we’re graduated to learn and plan. If we start learning now, we’ll be more prepared than if we start later! I know so very little so I have read a bunch of the White Coat Investor’s beginner series, which I highly recommend. He is especially geared to people in/planning for professional/graduate school, with the special challenge of a significantly larger student debt than a student only paying for one degree. I want to read my way down this list when I have time  If you can recommend other great resources for learning how to manage finances, let me know!

Recommended Blog Post:

  • Reading other blogs. I read a post by fellow blogger Kate. Check out this post because it’s SO relatable if you have ever taken Organic Chemistry/tend to over stretch yourself/like to subject yourself to crazy busy schedules all the time

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