Realizations T-3 days to the MCAT

  1. My study buddy is the best. Thanks for keeping me sane!!
  2. Lots of deja vu. I think that I’ve seen passages before but I’m not sure if this is true or I’m imagining it.
  3. Making a long list of things that need to be done and that I want to do after the exam
  4. Too much coffee today was a mistake — *jitters*
  5. Trying to change my sleeping habits is hard.
  6. Looking at how awesome it is to be around the friends around me, I dream of one day all of us working our butts off to get into med school will one day all get in together and keep supporting each other towards our dreams of becoming a doctor. It would be so awesome. 🙂  As Kala put it, this summer is our “sacrificial lamb” so we can strive towards our goals. We can do it, Kala, Jeremy, Veena, Andrew, Brandon!! 🙂
  7. Much much love to my non-mcat writing friends who have been so understanding about about me vanishing from our social sphere for most of May/June/July. So thankful for their late night phone calls and texts so they can still keep me up with is going on in their lives, while they’re being considerate of my need to study. love them X 10000. special thanks to Amy.
  8. Love to my family as usual X 1 million
  9. awkward moments when you forget things/people/to dos because your brain is crammed with facts. (i’m still sorry)

Wow, this blog post is really incoherent. I’ll probably take this down in August hehe.


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