Winter Break week 1

  • Work. I’ve learned that I really enjoy teaching. Work, however, consists of many other responsibilities that are not teaching but are required to keep everything running.
  • Working on writing with Alyssa to get through my writer’s block.
  • Bought some textbooks with Alyssa and Kevin
  • Kevin and the prank gift packaging
  • Great to see Silvia again. Once we were talking, time passed by so quickly.
  • Spent lots of time with another friend who I missed very much. To me, bliss is spending time with those I care about very much.
  •  I highly recommend the horror movie, “Good night mother”.
  • Dining in the dark at Dark Table was an interesting experience.
  • Made matcha mochiko which my cousin love due to its chewy texture. I think the ingredients were 1 pound mochiko, 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 1 1/2 cup sugar, 3 eggs, and 3 tablespoons of matcha powder. Relatively healthy compared to pound cakes made with butter.
  • Baked with my mom <3
  • After hours and hours of preparation, Christmas dinner turned out well. So happy to see my older cousins who I missed while they were gone and my cute little cousins. I was also happy to spend time with the rest of my family, especially my adorable grandparents.
  • The limits to my Chinese speaking abilities have really been tested lately.
  • Hockey hosted by Kevin’s family (thanks Auntie Holly and Uncle Peter for hosting such a fun event!).Racing about the ice and chasing the puck again reminded me of how energizing playing hockey is. In the new year, I would like to get on the ice rink more often.
  • Finally started on a project idea. Score.

One more week left:

  • Goal: Finish a draft.
  • Would like to spend time playing Wii with my Minis. Andy has suggested Super Smash Bros.
  • Sleep? Meh. Maybe another time.

You miss all the shots that you don’t take. In 2016, I’m going to push myself to work harder and obtain new experiences.

Hope you all have been having a great Winter break so far!

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