How to stay motivated

I am absolutely not an expert but I know that when you’re going through hard times, any advice can help so I sincerely hope this can help you! This is what I tell myself and I really do re-read this often when I’m exhausted and want to tell myself to let go of my dream because it feels like “too much work”:

Don’t give up.
Remember that you’re not doing this for yourself but for all the people that you want to help.
For the people that you lacked the skills in the past
For the people that are suffering because we do not yet have the ability to cure them
For the people in the future you want to help keeping running and laughing and living long
So one day you support someone and say “Don’t give up. We’ve got you.”
Which is why you can’t give up right now.
This is not for you.
It’s for them.

Another open letter if you’re having a rough day or week to remind you that you’re stronger, smarter and braver than you think you are


How to get yourself going again: 

1. Don’t tell yourself that you need to study for 12 hours straight. No one feels happy thinking that. Instead,tell yourself just 10 minutes. 10 minutes is manageable. Once started, you’ll probably work for more than 10 minutes.

2. Have a friend keep you accountable.

3. Read some blogs/watch Youtube videos by people who inspire you. I cycle through my favourite blogs written by ladies achieving high in their careers that is the career I’m aiming for. Seeing what can be just up ahead feel great!

4. Rewards are your best friend( besides the friend pushing you to keep going.) Instead of feeling guilty of taking breaks, feel good about taking breaks to refresh yourself. If you can, make it more than just a 10 minute Facebook break – go eat lunch away from your desk, chat with your grandpa about life goals, play with your cat, watch an episode of your favourite TV show.

5. ** If you’re going through tough emotional times, There’s probably a lot of thoughts swirling around in your head and it’s hard to focus. It’s tough – I feel you. You can do this!!! One of my favourite bloggers Andrea Tooley shared a tip -tell yourself that you’re going study for 30 minutes and then you’ll let yourself be sad for a bit and repeat.

6. Upbeat music. Yes, music can be distracting but overall, music that you like boosts up your mood. Even if it’s music with lyrics, music that’s not classical, if it makes you happy and jazzed up to study, then listen to it.

7. Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable feelings. Figuring out what you don’t know can make you feel dumb. Remember that the purpose of studying to make yourself feel less dumb. You’re getting smarter every bit more you study!

8. Make a To-do list that is small. Put one thing. That’s it. That helps with feeling so overwhelmed by all the problem sets you need to, all the lectures you need to do – no. Just put “Become confident about Organic Chemistry”. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to do all 1000 problems in your textbook. You just need to have a fairly good review of OChem or Cell Biology (Bio 200 final – I’m scared of you but once I’ve studied more, you’re be scared of me!) because you’ve been learning lots for the last few months.

9. Make a Cheat To-do list that you put other unimportant or fun to-dos on. E.g. I think I’ve put “Message that guy who’s organizing a ball hockey team.” and blog post ideas and other distracting things that pop up.

10. Journalling or blogging is helping to clear your mind.

11. Remember that you’ve more than the struggle you’re going through right now. This quote is from one of my best friends Jeffrey, “ 

You’ve come this far and you’ve believed in yourself until now, so I think you should trust the old (insert your name here) and keep going to do your best, because that’s what she would have wanted” 

11. Try to think about improving instead thinking “I’m going to fail.” I adopted a quote from another of my favourite bloggers, LadyKayMD, that says “Jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.” I’ve put a modified version of that quote on a cat-shaped post it where I can see it all the Times that says, “Jump off cliffs & build your wings while you fall. Soon you’ll fly. ” Think about flying (success)

“Jump off cliffs & build your wings while you fall. Soon you’ll fly. “


Sending you virtual hugs to get through your hard times.

I believe in you.