Signs Christmas is right around the corner

  • Pictures with Santa happened last evening.
  • Music Outreach is hosting two winter concerts this month!! Alyssa Y and Michelle L are rocking their jobs organizing the volunteers. Thanks SO much you two!
  • Started my piano student on lots of Christmas songs and started her on Pachelbel’s Canon, which I think is one of the most beautiful songs ever. She’s singing a version of the canon in choir. We finished some RCM repertoire songs and started a new level in RCM today. I’m so proud :’)  BUT I believe that if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re more likely to do a better job so we decided that she gets a break and she got Christmas music to take home and enjoy playing for her friends and family.
  • (Must have been subconsciously influenced by the boys singing carols yesterday  to crack out the christmas music when teaching)
  • My lovely student gave me a Christmas present. Thanks <3 It’s instant peppermint mocha!
  • Peppermint mocha
  • Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo  had released a Christmas Special Album entitled “Dear Santa.” Dear Santa is their title track. There’s an ENGLISH version. I really like the contrast between the beginning where TaeTiSeo are all dressed in formal gowns and the pace of the song is so slow with the end where they’re chilling out in pjs and the song is more cheerful and fast.

Personally, I like TaeTiSeo’s “Merry Christmas” more than “Dear Santa”.

I don’t like “I like that way”. It reminds me of IU’s “Twenty-three”.

Would you like to see a post on my top Christmas music picks?

Cute song of the day! (Vision related!)

But in real life, please don’t follow someone around without telling her or grab her arm like he did at the beginning at the video. Recall my earlier post about Things you should know about people with vision loss.

Back to the music: I love the pure sentiment this song conveys! (and the totally adorable relationship and doggy in the video). I’ll make this another goal: to live by the principle that loving someone is as simple as constantly telling and showing them that they’re incredibly special to you and making them smile.

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Music: Uplifting lyrics

I like songs with meaningful lyrics that warm your heart. Here are some songs that put a smile on my face and hopefully will put one on yours too. These are great to listen while studying!


A cheerful and upbeat song with uplifting lyrics that I like listening to over and over again . Click CC for english subtitles. My favourite lines:

“I know you always got my back and I always got you right back. From now on, I’ll always be by your side even if the world turns against you. “

I cried when I watched this video. I watched it so many times and then ran to hug my mom. Oh I wish that no mom has to go through what the mom in video had to 🙁

Hong Jin Young’s song “Cheer Up” is exactly what you need on a day you’ve met an obstacle or experienced failure. Cute father-daughter love alert <3

Bumkey’s “My Everything” is about how “everyday is happiness” because simply being with those you love is joy.

The lyrics of “Sky Blue Coat” were written by the couple together, one of them composed the music and the two of them say it together. She was wearing a sky blue coat when they met for the first time. How adorable!

Enjoy listening! Please let me know if you would like to see more posts like this!

Back to school adulting

Is adulting boring? It’s actually okay because I  feel productive when I get a lot done.

Is adulting exhausting though? Yes. Yes. Yes.

The Labour Day weekend included:

Lots of adulting but I feel very far from being an adult. I wonder if I’ll grow up….

  • Going to the bank
  • Completing and mailing paperwork
  • Laundry
  • Making an enormous pile of clothes and other things I plan to donate -hopefully so that someone else in need can use them 🙂
  • Collecting all my stuffed animals at home to donate. I found that Splash toy store in Dunbar collect toys for distribution to children in the Downtown Eastside so when I get a chance, I’ll bring mine there.
  • Reorganizing my stationary drawers
  • Returning library books
  • Prepared outfits for the next few weeks so that I’m less tempted to go to school in my running shorts everyday


  • An friend from Winnipeg visited Vancouver this weekend so a bunch of friends met up for dinner. We took her around Gastown and Downtown and had a great time.
  • Facetime with one of my favourite people on this planet
  • Learned a lot and had fun while volunteering (See my upcoming post on 10 things you should know about the visually impaired)
  • Pasta at Anton’s in Burnaby. The dinner portion is so huge that I couldn’t even finish one plate over lunch and dinner. Anton’s pasta also tastes amazing and is not too expensive.
  • Talked to my Imagine Day Orientation Leader, Emily, through email. She’s nice and gave me advice.
  • I’m addicted to the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” sung by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. I’ve been playing the 1 hour loop on repeat while I’m cleaning.
  • Other foolishness that I can’t remember at the moment.

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