The start of finals

I try to constantly remind myself that I’m grateful for the opportunity to study at an university and to fulfill my love of learning in a variety of cool subjects. It’s a privilege that I should never forget is a privilege but sometimes do. I forget because the pressure surrounding studying and doing well on tests is no fun but I do love the actual studying, learning and going to school a lot!

As much as I enjoy studying, I also thrive on connecting with and talking to people so too much time at my desk can make me feel sad.¬†That’s why I’m thankful for my study buddies and why I still spent a day at the lab and why I keep going to work during finals. It helps me remember that besides trying to learn as much and as well as I can, I want to do well in my classes so that I can chase my dream job where one day I can ¬†interacting with and help a variety of people almost all day.

I wanted to share how beautiful the study spot Misaki and I is. It’s been renovated since we’ve been here last but it’s the best: lots of natural light, chalkboards, quiet, long desks. Can you identify where this?

Alright, back to studying for tomorrow’s physical chemistry final!

Can you guess where this is?
Sushi Fridays at the lab

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