We held a heart in class!

During this morning’s pathology lecture, our lecturer brought us three heart specimens to examine.  For those of you that have handled raw chicken, a heart feels VERY similar to a piece of young chicken. I highly recommend the class PATH 375 as an elective.  I find the content extremely interesting, and the lecturers very engaging because the content covers many disorders that most of us have heard of and there are many pictures of real specimens as examples. We have also learned about some rare disorders. 


Today is a bit of unusual day. After the pathology lecture, I’m in the library writing out this post. I’m going to review the flashcards I made for this cardiopathology lecture and then review respiratory pathology flashcards if I have time. At 2 PM, Rachel and I were invited to a food tasting and meet-and-greet with the Pacific Poke chef where we are going to do some photography. Then I’m going to spend time with my brother and knock out a psych quiz before going with Misaki to Harvest Haus. Though we don’t usually go out during the week, we didn’t want to waste the tickets gifted to us from Foodyensation. We’ve grateful to have received a lot of food tasting invitations lately, which has been keeping us busy.  But I also intend to turn down some in the near future to spend more time with my family, catch up on some research, and get some work done for Vision Health Volunteers.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day!


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