What second semester Physics feels like

I love the PHYS 118 lectures given by Dr. Rieger so much because he explains concepts clearly and we spend most of our classes solving problems which is great because I enjoy active learning. The structure of the class is similar to Physics 117 except instead of Learning Catalytics, we use regulars Clickers.

In lecture, I feel super excited to learn about electricity, to solve equations and work out my brain. ┬áTHEN today we did some integration which made sense for rods. Then I was totally lost after we moved on to infinite lines of charge, rings of charge, disks of charge…. Yup, I’m lost.

No lie, as fun as learning new things is most of the time, it’s not always fun.

I’ve missed office hours for today but that’s fine because I still want to give more time to figure out things myself. I’m trying but I definitely do battle the temptation to give up. I’ve bribed myself with an Chai Latte so I have to keep going.

I’m trying to tell myself that there is nothing that I can’t learn. I might take me a ton of time because I’m not physics-gifted but I’ll get there eventually.

So if you’re also struggling with a particular course, you can also remind yourself that there is nothing that is impossible to learn. You can do it friend!!!

Good luck!


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