When an exam leaves you frazzled and sad

You may have studied well in advance, hiding out in your room/the library/etc, foregoing the temptations of the beautiful weather outside, turning down invites from friends and family, for the sake of this exam that is worth 85% of your mark. 85% someone asked you. Are there really final exams worth 85% of your mark? Well you just wrote that 85% of your mark final 15 minutes ago. The massive cramp in your right forearm tells you that you haven’t been dreaming.   I heard a quote that was something like “You try really hard. Do the best you can. And still fail” because that’s life. Ok, sit down. You’re not going to fail. You knew how to answer the questions. You just feel frazzled because you were writing non-stop for 3 hours straight. You felt rushed for time AGAIN. Note to self: Go seek help from SPAC or PAC for advice on how to be efficient with time when writing written answer/long essay style exams. These written answer exams are clearly not your forte since you love to write on and on and never know when to stop until you run out of time. You live and learn.

You’re in an awful mood still. Hey, don’t get yourself down because you’re able to be happy and cheery all the time as you would like to be . At least, you realize how lucky you are to have great friends that are there for you in the midst of your mood storm when you text your despair and they reply with encouragement. At least, at the peak of this, you run into one of your best buds who demonstrated strength and perseverance. Rach is about to write her third exam in a row. She is a superstar. 🙂

In the big picture, exams are absolutely NOTHING compared to the challenges that some people face in their everyday lives. But hey, if you feel down, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel weak sometimes.

Go take a break. Yes, take a break even though you have another massive 60% of your mark exam tomorrow. You deserve a little reward. Spend that food giftcard you can’t remember which volunteering/work gig you got it from and buy yourself something warm to eat instead of the cold salad you’ve been having for the last few weeks. Go something you enjoy. I’m writing this blog post but do whatever interests you and makes you happy: cook, go for a run, go see your boyfriend/girlfriend, play tennis as long as you like it and it’s relatively short. Sorry it has to be short because you’re going to return back to working hard. You chose this life because you wanted an education. You have a destination to get to so start hustling.

Good luck with your exams!



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