The Wild Bunch

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Im really curious what is going to said about this movie in class. I really want to know why this movie is considered such a classic when I thought that although had some things to offer, it didn’t have much. This is actually the first time that I have a watched a full western type movie. As like in Touch of Evil, it was focused on the relationship between Mexicans and Americans. It is pretty evident that both have a preconception of each other that is not good at all. They don’t trust each other and they think they are foolish in some sort of way. Mexicans however are presented as dumb and animal like. They don’t do what people do in a normal society, and in contrast they are just eating, drinking, and having sex. Females are presented as very inferior in comparison to men. They have no authority whatsoever and are always depicted as a pleasure object. We never really see a conversation between a man and a woman, only once where a prostitute asks for the money when the Americans do not pay. By not paying after having so much gold from the rifles sold, we see that the Americans really do not care about the Mexicans and feel they are inferior to them. So, the machismo in Mexico is another recurrent theme in this movie. I thought it was interesting how Angel’s friend just left him with the Mexicans after he found out he had stolen the rifles. The way the Mexicans treated him was even more astonishing and this showed them as savages. Overall I thought there was a lot of unnecessary killing, although its probably a common thing in western type movies.


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