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I wasn’t really involved in the first half of the course. Sorry Jon.
I thought the whole class was in Spanish. I don’t speak spanish.
I was happy to find out discussions were in english though and I’m sorry I wasn’t there from the start.
As a film major, I’m constantly watching and appreciating films from a technical, theory based and content driven perspective.
I think it’s safe to assume that many moviegoers watch films to be entertained as opposed to challenged.
And that’s sad, because layers of meaning can be found within even the most banal films.
Three Amigos for example.
I was completely taken off guard with this film and the layers of “meta” acting and realism shown.
Also the use of comedy as a method of presenting this film within a film seemed to be the optimal way to deal with that idea, unless you treated it as a psychological, horror film with no escape. This isn’t a fully fleshed out idea, but regardless, the film made me think.
And so, I was very happy to take this course and gain a feel for how Mexico is represented in film.
I’m glad this course exists for students who are not in the film program so as to promote more interesting thinking on the medium.
I also feel like now I have much less of a grasp on my vision of Mexico then when I came into this course because the country is so varied and cannot be lumped together into one idea of representation.
I will not stop using the term “stereotype” but I’ll think more about what it means in the future.
Anyway, really enjoyed the class and the discussions.


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