Current Projects


Proyecto 13

Mini project with BCCASA and CCDA,

We are very happy to renew our contact with BCCASA and the Comite Campesino del Altiplano, CCDA and Cafe Justicia, in Guatemala whose partnership was at the heart of the Spanish for Community Initiative between 2012 and 2013. Seven of our students Camille Porcioncula, Cemre Barsbay, Ariel Ozdemir, Skylar Zakarin, Ricardo Zatz, Luiza Shroeder and Alex Kim are helping with tranlations of materials to sponsors for the CCDA sholarships.  Gracias a todos!

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Proyecto 12-14


Gifts from Our Lives: A Gift of Voice, Words, and Images

We continue with our inter-generational project with our partner

South Granville Seniors Center,   Spanish Seniors Program,

bringing students and seniors together sharing stories and experiences.



Project 11 – current 2016 – 2017

Gifts from Our Lives: A Gift of Voice, Words, and Images

Partner: South Granville Seniors Center,   Spanish Seniors Program,

The seniors will share their wisdom and life experiences with our students as well as their linguistic expertise in Spanish as native speakers. The aim of the project is to empower seniors from Latin American background to create a legacy and an archive for future generations in both Spanish and English. Spanish for Community will support the seniors with the process of choosing memories oral and written, as well as in collecting and translating their creative writing, poetry and other meaningful gifts the seniors want to share with the next generation and to the community.

The project has different stages during two academic years. The first phase has recently started in September 2016. We have scheduled four preparatory events in October, November , and December ( two gatherings for introduction and presentation of the project and a workshop at the Senior Centre by Community Liaison, Carolina Navarrete and coordinator Maria Carbonetti, and creative writing and art workshop by Maria Carbonetti).  Students ‘participation will start in December 2016 with a call for volunteers to engage in the creative workshop, and then from our classes in January 2017, This first part will be completed by April 5 2017.

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