My name is Michael, but sometimes you’ll hear people call me Miguel. I am Filipino-Canadian, meaning that both my parents are Filipino, but I was born in Canada. My grandpa taught me some Spanish when I was younger.

I’m currently in my fourth year majoring in Spanish and minoring in Psychology. I am one of the French, Hispanic, Italian Studies (FHIS) Learning Centre Coordinators at UBC. I am also a Spanish Tutor.

I took SPAN 401 last year with Dr. Maria Carbonetti. I enjoy translating, and I really liked interacting with the coordinators from Ratón de Biblioteca. I hope to meet them and help them out in person some time this upcoming year.

I enjoy learning all the slang from all the Spanish speaking countries. I would also like to visit all the countries in Latin America as well as Spain.

In the future, I hope to be a teacher. Perhaps I’ll teach Spanish, English, Physical Education, and maybe French. I am also thinking of having a private counselling practice on the side and perhaps become a professional translator/interpreter.