Book launch

“Gramma Susie Cant Go Hunting Caribous” is a Two-Spirit children’s book, one of the first efforts of its kind.

It’s based on a relative of Sharon Shorty, a member of the Tlingit Nation, and tells the story of Lucy, a young female-assigned individual, who did not learn the ways of girls and young women. Lucy is taught the ways of the Tlingit men. The story embodies the teachings of Turtle Island’s Two-Spirit people and challenges the western, colonial, binary, gender system that was imposed upon the First People resulting in the forced displacement of Two-Spirit people from their Nations, people, lands, and ways.

The heart and healing power of this book and story are the teachings of our ancestors of long ago and how these teachings open up a space of new and beautiful ways of being.

About the author:
After living in New York for 20 years, Harlan Pruden, First Nation Cree/nēhiyaw, now calls Vancouver home. He is a Ph.D. student at UBC’s Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program and is also the Managing Editor of Harlan is a Two-Spirit consultant to the US’ Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Center, BC Center for Disease Control’s Chee Mamuk Program and the newly formed Trans* Care BC. In August 2014, Harlan was appointed to the United States’ Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS where he works to provide advice, information, and recommendations to the Secretary of Health & Human Services and the White House. He also serves on the International Indigenous Peoples Working Group on HIV/AIDS. Closer to home, Harlan is a board member of Qmunity, the home for Vancouver’s LGBT, Queer and Two-Spirit community.