Call for Children’s Art

To include children’s artistic creations as part of the conference, we would like to invite you to submit any non-prescribed artistic expressions and free art projects by children upto 5 years, after obtaining assent from the children to submit their art. Children up to 8 years old are welcome to submit their art as well. 

These could include children’s paintings, drawings, three-dimensional items such as puppets, clay, wood, recycled/upcycled art, and assorted materials constructions.

These projects and paintings will be framed and/or displayed during the conference. Photographs of the art will also be uploaded to an online gallery on this website.

Please make sure to download and fill in this Information Sheet and mail it back along with the artwork.

Please send the artwork before April 10th to:
SPARK ECED Conference

Scarfe 309-2125 Main Mall,
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z4.

Do email if you have any questions or need support with mailing artwork.