Topical Annotated Resource Guides for Teaching Secondary Social Studies

The resource guides below were created by students in EDCP 333 in Winter Term 1 of 2020. They are shared here with the permission of the authors.

First Nations / Indigenous Peoples & Worldviews/ Indigenizing Social Studies

Amy Chuang

Diamond-Lee Point

Lindsay Hoegman

Matt Clark

Torsten Raupach


Gender, Sexuality & The Body in Social Studies

Antonio S. Cimino

Marie Bond


Teaching about Canadian Identity

Ksenia Pattenden

Shani Guderyan

Taya Bremner

Ecojustice Resources / Climate Change / Sustainability in Social Studies

Alexis Pitches

Jordyn Downey

Kaelan Beckstead


Race / Racism / Anti-Racism in Social Studies

Hope Debruyn

Hailey Veen

Rebecca Gromov

Simon Laing

Stephan Hong





EDCP 333 (Topics in Social Studies: Secondary)

General Course Information In EDCP 333 (Topics in Social Studies: Secondary), students engage in a critical exploration of aims and content of secondary social studies curriculum. A key consideration of the course concerns teachers’ roles in creating curriculum as opposed to merely delivering curriculum as conceived by government or textbook companies. Toward that end the course focuses the ways in which social studies teachers can move beyond the limits of textbooks and ministry guidelines to engage their students in creating critical/personally meaningful understandings on key curricular topics, such as: (1) Democracy and Democratic Citizenship; (2) Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism; (3) First Nations/Indigenous Peoples; (4) Social Class; (5) Gender, Sexuality and the Body; and (7) Environment, Sustainability, and Community.