Topical Annotated Resource Guides for Teaching Secondary Social Studies

The resource guides below were created by students in EDCP 333 in Winter Term 1 of 2020. They are shared here with the permission of the authors.

First Nations / Indigenous Peoples & Worldviews/ Indigenizing Social Studies

Amy Chuang

Diamond-Lee Point

Lindsay Hoegman

Matt Clark

Torsten Raupach


Gender, Sexuality & The Body in Social Studies

Antonio S. Cimino

Marie Bond


Teaching about Canadian Identity

Ksenia Pattenden

Shani Guderyan

Taya Bremner

Ecojustice Resources / Climate Change / Sustainability in Social Studies

Alexis Pitches

Jordyn Downey

Kaelan Beckstead


Race / Racism / Anti-Racism in Social Studies

Hope Debruyn

Hailey Veen

Rebecca Gromov

Simon Laing

Stephan Hong