Hey from North Vancouver

Hey everyone,

My name’s Jocelynn and this is my 5th course within the MET program. I am a French Immersion teacher for the younger kiddos at the grade 3/4 level at an IB school in West Van. They are a wonderful group to work with and I love this age group. Since this course is more designed for the older level, I am interested to learn strategies of teaching math and science using technology from a different perspective than I am used to. I am also particularly interested in the neurology of learning, and so I hope to delve into that bit in relation to learning STEM, which is quite different from the arts.

When I’m away from the classroom, I also enjoy long hikes in the mountains with my dog or trying out new crafts from Pinterest.

Can’t wait to get to know you all through this course this spring/summer!



  1. Hey Jocelynn,
    I love North Vancouver. I’m over there a lot to hike as well. I am also in my 5th and 6th course this semester. I also teach grade 3, so we have lots in common! Looking forward to connecting with you.


  2. Hi Jocelynn,

    I am glad to run into another teacher from the West Vancouver school district in the program. I believe this is our second course together. Good luck to the both of us! I look forward to seeing your work this term.

  3. Hey Jocelynn,

    Nice to “see” you in another class this term. I think I may have asked previous, but is your school completely IB or is it split with regular stream? I also teach IB in Surrey along with provincial curriculum, and it’s interesting to see the dynamics between the different cohorts.


  4. Good to see a few elementary teachers on here! A solid understanding and an encouragement of that natural curiosity is so important in math and science at this age, or they don’t make it to those upper-level STEM classes later on. Looking forward to working with you!

  5. Hi Jocelynn,
    I also teach at an IB school, focusing on the Middle Years Programme. I’m interested in how you are finding it alongside the new BC curriculum? This is my second year teaching IB, so I’m still learning it one day at a time.
    Looking forward to working with you.

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