Wrestling Barrels

If we’re going to make biodiesel, we’d better have some plan to use it! What do you put biodiesel in? Engines! What do engines live in? Trucks! So we need a good way to get our fuel into trucks.

This week, we suited up in our PPE and spent a day wrestling barrels in CHBE’s outdoor storage cage, clearing a space for our biodiesel dispensing rig. A big thank you goes to Ivan Leversage, for letting us help him sort the place out and then claim a bit of space. The storage cage is really a sort of interesting history of the department, we found one bucket dating from 1999, which pre-dates the existence of both the cage and the building it’s next to!

Another good find while wrestling with the mess was two drums of methanol, which I discovered were donated to the Biodiesel Project in a previous phase of the project. Thanks, Methanex! We’ll put it to good use.

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