CHBE Biodiesel on the Road

Biodiesel produced by the CHBE Sustainability Club was put into the tank of the UBC Housing and Hospitality Services truck today. This is an important milestone in the most recent incarnation of the UBC biodiesel project that the fuel has been put to use in a UBC vehicle.

The truck was filled up with 150L of B20 (20% biodiesel) produced in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department by a team of undergraduate and graduate student volunteers. The biodiesel was produced through the transesterification process from fresh vegetable oil donated by Allied Reclamation Services that was damaged in shipping and unfit for human consumption.The next phase of the project will see students producing biodiesel from waste vegetable oil from the Totem residence cafeteria. This will close the loop of waste-to-fuel on the UBC campus.

The Club thanks Housing and Hospitality Services for their continued support and looks forward to fueling more of UBC in the future.

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