New Biodiesel Fueling Station

Undertaken by 4th year engineering students Patrick Wong and John Yuen, the new, the new fueling station allows for “blend on demand” fueling. The customer sets the desired biodiesel blend from B5 to B100 and when finished fueling  the new system will print a receipt for the fuel purchased, with separate prices for petro and biodiesel fuels set by the system operator. The new system also increases the storage capacity of fuel to 400L.

This is a great improvement over the previous fueling station which required manual blending of biodiesel with diesel, thus setting the same blend for all customers. The new system employs the use of two pumps to simultaneously deliver controlled amounts of biodiesel and petrodiesel through a series of electronic meters and valves allowing the system to supply any blend desired. A typical refueling is estimated to take no longer then 3 or 4 minutes half the time as the previous system. Future improvements to the system are recommended firstly in the upgrade of the solenoids, followed by upgrades to the pumps should a greater capacity be desired. Other areas of interest can be found in the continued improvement to the digital features like internet communication for automated billing by email.

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