Mining – Opportunities for new clean technologies, CERC Seminar

When: March 18th, 3:00pm, CHBE Building

The global demand for commodities will continue to increase notwithstanding periodic volatile upheaval in the global economy.  The need to provide a basic standard of living for the planet’s growing population, let alone the desire of many to achieve a life style somewhat comparable to that enjoyed by people in developed countries, requires total resources over the next few decades years roughly equivalent to the amount produced over historical time.  While demand continues, supply is challenged by many technical and non-technical factors, not least of which is society’s competing desire to consume but not face the realities of production.

This is a seminar by Dr. John F.H. Thompson, a consultant and professor at Cornel University, about how the minnining industry, both in Canada and globally, is addressing these challanges with combinations of new technology, new approaches to energy and water, new work practices, and an increasing emphasis on sustainability.

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