Is BC’s Proposed Natural Gas Development Sustainable?

CIRS Building, November 28th. Panel Discussion: 4-5:30 pm, Open House: 4-7:00 pm. To register for the event, (it’s free!) and make sure that you get a seat, go to:

Exploring the Economic and Environmental Impacts. What natural gas projects are being considered in BC? Can BC achieve our 2020 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets while developing natural gas? How is the global market for natural gas changing and what does that mean for BC [exports]? Join us for a panel discussion and an open house about BC’s natural gas strategy on Nov 28, 2013 at 4pm.

The event is free, but priority seating will be given to those who get their ticket through Eventbrite and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time. Seating will be open to anyone 10 minutes before the event.

This event will be filmed and photographed. The audience may be included in the video and/or pictures taken. The video and/or pictures may be put online publicly but will never be sold in any manner.

If you wish to avoid being filmed or photographed please speak with the coordinators at the event. Best efforts will be made to accommodate you, but some recording may be unavoidable.

Featuring three expert panelists:

Jeremy Moorhouse, Clean Energy Canada
• Senior Analyst with Clean Energy Canada at Tides Canada
• Co-author of “The Cleanest LNG in the World?” report about BC’s proposed liquefied natural gas industry
• SFU Resource and Environmental Management Masters Student in the Energy and Materials Research Group
• Former Technical and Policy Analyst at the Pembina Institute (2005 to 2011)

Dr. Kathryn Harrison, UBC
• UBC Professor in the Department of Political Science
• Expert in environmental public policy relating to climate change
• Currently researching the comparative politics of carbon pricing
• Co-editor of “Global Commons, Domestic Decisions: The Comparative Politics of Climate Change” (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010)

Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi, UBC
• UBC Professor at the Institute for Resources Environment & Sustainability and Liu Institute for Global Issues
• Currently researching technical, social, economic and environmental aspects of technology and public policy with a focus on energy systems
• Contributor to the IPCC and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.
• Co-founder of Offsetters and HydroRun Technologies Inc.

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