ECON 234* Wealth and Poverty of Nations (pre-reqs)
Historical approaches to long-run economic growth; international comparisons of income growth and inequality; colonialism; evolution of world capital markets; human migrations; rise of world trading empires; instability in the international economy. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 234 or former ECON 334 (6). May not be taken for credit by students with fourth-year standing.
Prerequisite: All of ECON 101, ECON 102.

ECON 255* Understanding Globalization (pre-reqs)
Social and economic implications for both rich and poor countries of lowered barriers to the international flows of information, capital, labour and goods. May not be taken for credit by students with fourth-year standing.
Prerequisite: All of ECON 101, ECON 102.

 ECON 317* Poverty and Inequality (pre-reqs)
Economic inequality in Canada and other countries; measurement and causes. Inequality in the distribution of wealth; redistribution of income and wealth; notions of distributive justice.
Prerequisite: All of ECON 101, ECON 102.

HIST 425  War and Society (6 cr)
Continuity and change in the relations of war and society, the connections between the economy, society, the military, and government in peacetime as well as war; not a course in military history.

POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics
Ecological consequences of the global political economy.

SOCI 301A* Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment (pre-reqs)
Processes of social change in the Third World and other developing countries. Major themes stress the relationship between urbanization and industrialization; modernization and ethnic conflict; imperialism, neo-colonialism, and foreign aid; and intra-national modernization problems such as regional underdevelopment in industrial societies.
Prerequisite: SOCI 100.

SOCI 342A* Consumers and Consumption (pre-reqs)
The structure and culture of consuming and consumption.
Prerequisite: One of SOCI 100, SOCI 200.

FRST 304 The Science Underlying Forestry Issues
Examination of current forestry issues with specific reference to their scientific basis. Not available for credit to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Forestry. [3-0-0]

FRST 408* Problems of Forest Entomology (pre-reqs)
Decision-making in the protection of forests from insects. Insect problems viewed from other disciplines of forestry. Bases of biological and economic evaluation, and choice of control methods. [2-2]
Prerequisite: One of FRST 308, AGRO 327, BIOL 327.

FRE 306* Intro to Global Food Markets (pre-req)
An overview of global food markets including recent trends (e.g., vertical coordination, strategic alliances, multinationals and small firms in niche markets), marketing and trade institutions such as state-trading enterprises and WTO regulations, issues specific to developing nations, and case studies. [3-0-1]
Prerequisite: One of ECON 101, ECON 310.

FRE 340* International Agricultural Development (pre-req)
Characteristics, processes and sources of economic growth, role of agricultural and resource sectors in economic growth, analysis of output and input markets in those sectors, policy failures, tools for empirical analysis of rural markets, growth, and the environment. [3-0]
Prerequisite: One of ECON 100, ECON 101.