Welcome to the UBC Biology Teaching & Learning Community

This site has been designed to familiarize you with being a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the Biology Program at UBC. TAship is a paid job at UBC, and we want you to become familiar with the expectations, and terms & conditions of your employment in this role. We are excited about the wealth of lived experiences you are bringing into our teaching & learning community from the many different countries, cultures and/or campuses, and also looking forward to sharing with you our own experiences and guidance. Whether you are joining this community as a new TA or an experienced TA, we hope that the sharing of knowledge will be mutually beneficial and enriching to our professional and personal lives.

TAs are our allies in the Biology Program, and very often the key people our undergraduate students interact with closely. As our allies and collaborators, we rely on you to promote an inclusive and respectful learning environment both inside and out of our classrooms. We hope that this site will serve as a useful place to find resources and support, as you carve out a rewarding and successful teaching career at UBC.

Head’s welcome note

What is TADA?

TADA is the acronym for Teaching Assistant Development & Advancement. TADA consists of several sessions on evidence-based and inclusive pedagogical practices, designed for graduate students teaching in biology courses at UBC. Sessions in TADA will be held throughout the year (see Program Sessions for details).

Teaching Assistant Orientation (TAO), is the first session in this series, and hosted each year at the start of the Fall Term. All TAs assigned to biology courses are expected to attend TAO.

The rest of the sessions in TADA, provide opportunities for professional development and CIRTL Associate status throughout the year. Note: students completing all sessions and assessments are eligible for CIRTL Associate status from the Centre for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) (www.cirtl.ubc.ca). 

Supported by the UBC Provosts, Botany, Zoology and Biology.