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How to write a cover letter?

How to write a cover letter? This is often the question we ask ourselves when applying for a job, an internship or when we want to enter a school. The primary purpose of the cover letter is to land a job interview. For that, you need to write a structured and organized cover letter, in order to make it impactful and convincing. Its presentation should also allow the recruiter to read your cover letter easily, making it clear and understandable. Find out how to write a cover letter with all of our tips and advice available on our site.

Why write a cover letter?

Writing a cover letter is essential when applying for a job or even filing an unsolicited application. Whether you are looking for an internship, a summer job, or even a CDI, the cover letter will complete the CV. Its primary objective is to get you to land a job interview with a recruiter. The cover letter highlights your skills for the position, your personal motivations, and your interest in the company. You should write it carefully and customize it according to the job posting you are applying for. We, therefore, ban standard models of cover letters where you only add your name!

The cover letter is the first thing recruiters see, and they spend less than a minute on it. You should therefore write a cover letter that is relevant, original, and concise, and that makes you want to read your CV.

How to write a cover letter?

The cover letter is above all a letter. We find in the writing of the cover letter all the codes of a traditional letter:

  • Your identity and contact information;
  • The contact details of the recipient;
  • The place and date of writing;
  • The subject of the cover letter;
  • The body of the cover letter is divided into several paragraphs;
  • A polite phrase as a conclusion;
  • Your first and last name, possibly your signature

1st part of the letter: the top of the letter information

The drafting of a letter always begins with the sender’s information and the information about the recipient. You will therefore start your cover letter by indicating at the top left:

  • Your Name and Surname;
  • Your address;
  • Your postal code and city;
  • If necessary, the COUNTRY;
  • Our phone number;
  • Your email
  • Then, you will add at the top right, the information relating to the recruiter:
  • Company Name;
  • Name of the recipient (or the name of the service if you don’t have it);
  • Company address;
  • Postal code and city;
  • If necessary, the COUNTRY;

Skip a line and add in the same section the city ​​where the cover letter was written, as well as the date.

Go back to the left, and indicate the subject of your cover letter.

2nd part: structure the content of the letter

You must take special care. Besides, why not make a draft of what you want to say, before writing your cover letter. This will allow you to organize your ideas and structure the cover letter well.

The content of the cover letter is generally organized in three paragraphs: the 1 st summarizes the need of the company, the 2nd indicates why you correspond to the position and what are your qualities and motivations, and the 3rd considers the collaboration between you and the company.

3rd part: How finish writing your cover letter?

You will then finish writing your cover letter with a polite phrase. Here are some examples of possible wording:

Please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards;

Pending an answer from you, I beg you, Madam, Sir to kindly receive my most respectful greetings;

Of course, if you have the name of the company’s recruiter, replace the expressions in red.

After the polite phrase, indicate at the bottom right your First name and your LAST NAME. If you are printing your cover letter, sign below

How to submit a cover letter?

The cover letter must be written on an A4 page. Never again!

Here’s what your cover letter should look like:

Should you write an original cover letter?

One of the goals of the cover letter is to stand out among recruiters. This is why it can be tempting to write an original cover letter, even fun.

The drafting of a letter’s original motivation may be misperceived following the industry or the company where you are applying. For example, in the arts and entertainment world, receiving an original cover letter will be better perceived than in the insurance industry. Some companies also have a much freer line of communication, and reading a cover letter that is outside the box will be welcome.

So, first of all, you will need to learn about the company. If in doubt, choose a cover letter over sober writing.

However, you can make the appearance of your cover letter more original, by using the graphic codes of your CV (font, color, pictograms, graphics, images, etc.).

How to write a cover letter: conclusion

Now you know how to write an effective cover letter! Remember that this one must be written with implication cover letter templates, be personal and be an extension of your CV. By following all of our tips and advice for writing your cover letter well, you will succeed in capturing the recruiter’s attention and landing a first job interview.

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