Combating Mental Health and Becoming COVID-Immune with Compelling Scriptures

If mental prosperity is to thrive soundly, maximally, and profoundly, especially melancholy during COVID, then, at that point, our psychological standards need adjusting to joining different degrees of unadulterated mental quietness: mindfulness which works with sickness free awareness and filtering fantastic quality.

Humanity has advanced past ‘duplicate n glue’ strict conviction frameworks, supplanted now with mature free reasoning – coordinated spirits working through in a profound sense developed minds – a degree of vast cognizance through which the heart ‘sees,’ intuits [Reality] past deception.

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Advancement is a God-selected cycle – the Transcendent which made the laws of nature. This Transcendent Power, thanks to development, keeps working inside every one of us, directing us unto a full-grown view of inward Reality as independent from external programming. As such, notwithstanding the ‘choice’ of perhaps to leave formal religion, God-Force, through advancement, continuously works WITHIN everybody to reunify the human spirit back to God – back to Source AS Spirit Soul. More on development further on.

Coronavirus has left many intuiting for Sacred Immanence inside: self-amazing quality in overcoming COVID by ordinary or otherworldly means. Intuiting address’s divine reaction to activity, to what we can do for all intents and purposes respects COVID and emotional health.

Like never before, the rise of otherworldly authority understanding is called for around the world. In this unique situation, at the people level, the Sacred inside you needs YOU to make Pure Thought space in our psychological climate accordingly develop self-safe cognizance: create health exuding quietness by which antibodies are quickly approaching in setting up, and infection-free awareness going ahead, yet complete positive emotional health by normal means. To this result, self-greatness essentially implies transcending our common issues – and related awareness – in reflection.

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At a practical level, the shift from human mindfulness unto Sacred awareness – unto self-amazing quality – includes adjusting our psychological compass internally toward the domain of supernatural cognizance in contemplation.

Building up supernatural awareness eventually will arise triumphant in overcoming COVID, proclaiming the profound support way to deal with complete mental/actual health in our own lives, and universally going ahead.

In building up supernatural cognizance, obscure sacred texts without a doubt are the reliable means of creating phenomenal awareness, by which the naturally introduced to carnal psyche standard can go through change – theoretical chemistry from base level ‘DE-squeezed’ attention to work euphorically or, supernaturally in ‘EX-squeezed’ awareness. Subsequently, in letting indications free from mental low energy or temperament variance, the mystery lies in the declaration of rapture cognizance.

Expanding this psychological health subject allowed us to decipher three essential sacred texts that directly bear on such matters and the goal of this pandemic by regular self-resistant means.

Contemplation and the Immune System 

  • Stress compromises the invulnerable framework, while contemplation produces resistance by creating more noteworthy degrees of antibodies to react to and forestall expected viral assault. Subsequently, setting up supernatural awareness and peaceful physiology, standard everyday contemplation discharges mature T-cells, lymphocytes, or antibodies from the thymus gland to shield against alien antigen attacks.
  • Reflection interferes with the reasoning pattern of mental dis-straightforwardness and state of mind vacillation. In this situation, bypassing ‘the extraordinary present second’ in review is an expensive psychological health oversight.
  • Mental prosperity exists inside as potential delight awareness – just requiring implantation into the psyche. By dissolving lingering subliminal pressure, reflection expands the brain’s conscious limit of withstanding steadily extending joy natured quiet.
  • Psyche-centering disciplines, for example, yoga and mantra reflection, are priceless in building up mental steadiness, mind cognizance, and capacity of complete focus. But subsequently, the focus is an OUTCOME of contemplation and not a necessity for its training.
  • Reflection is situated yoga known as raja (imperial) yoga (solidarity). In this situation, quietly internal hearing the strong holy AUM would be an excellent sound vibration for mantra reflection and mental incitement.

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