Digital Marketing: The Rise of Chatbots

Digital marketing in 2018 is ever evolving. Most companies are aware of Digital Marketing trends, such as the need for seo strategies, social media strategy, email campaigns, etc. But businesses are also seeking new ways to automate their interactions with customers so that fewer man-hours are needed. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence the ability to be available to customers 24/7 is starting to become a reality. AI is opening up many new doors in the field of digital marketing, and the most popular right now is through Chatbots.

What are Chatbots? They are artificial intelligence-based technology that utilizes instant messaging with consumers around the clock. Customers take a lot of time and energy, and often businesses, especially in the healthcare and banking fields, get the same inquiries over and over from users/clients/consumers. Chatbots take some of the heavy lifting off of the company and allow the user to communicate with automated responses that are smooth, instantaneous and directly answer common questions or conversation responses.

Do customers approve of this type of communication? They actually do. Many consumers have reported that they actually prefer chatbot interaction because of the lack of emotion–or inability in getting impatient. Virtual assistants answer fast and efficiently. This customer interaction takes a huge amount of work off of the shoulders of company staff, allowing them to focus on other, more pressing needs within the company.

Chatbots have the ability to answer questions through question and answer triggers that create a chat based on specific keywords and a list of queries. Chats also can give out information about the company itself, handle specific requests, describe its products and services, and even inquire with customers for consumer information. With chatbot technology Facebook Messenger is blowing up, allowing people to hire cars, make payments, create an estimated time of arrival, etc. It’s easy to configure it so that people are able to sign up for things using these chatbots. The best part is that consumers have access to this information 24/7 without the need for actual manpower. Customer service can be available all day everyday. For any questions that are too complicated for a bot, a live operator can jump in during designated times.

The key to chatbots is to have the chatbot sound like an actual human talking. A company should write the queries, the questions and answers, in the sound or tone of voice of someone on their team. The chatbot is an extension of the company’s team and it should sound just as personable and relatable as an actual customer service representative. With the chatbot customization out there right now, it’s easy to make a profile photo that looks real and customize the conversation to fit your company’s tone and needs.

As 2018 comes to a close it’s time to consider expanding digital marketing strategies to include this beneficial artificial intelligence. The more it becomes a regular part of the marketplace, the more consumers will come to expect it.

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