Leveling the gender pay gap in the tech industry

The technology industry has previously been a pool of male dominance. Although there are still more women entering the tech field than ever before, it can still be highly disturbing to know what it took for women to gain an active and wanted role in their positions. If one chooses to historically analyze the pay gap between annual wages of men and women, they will see that this number can be alarming in many varying fields and industries, especially STEM careers. Men and women both must fight for equal pay, but unfortunately, it is often that women are fighting against the men in the fight for equal pay. Although plenty of good males have stood up in protest alongside their female colleagues, it is the 21st century and all individuals must unite in the continuous fight for pay equality. This is true for all STEM companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

Women find it difficult to break into elite financial roles such as stockbrokers or in the STEM field. Traditionally male-dominated fields like STEM careers are hard to join for women due to the negative backlash they may receive in the workplace. For some, it is finding it overwhelmingly difficult to navigate and climb the corporate ladder when it seems like an unreachable goal or task. The women who excel in the tech industries are often praised for working so diligently to get to the top of their field. These women hustle their way through coding seminars, free card numbers, working long hours in the office, engineering successful innovations, and reaching their lucrative company goals. However, the other women who are not always so praised in the media are also heroes of the tech industry as they did their part taking the time to enter the technology field.

Entering a STEM industry takes a hefty amount of education and thorough understanding of product and software knowledge. If mistakes are made, their program or gadget may not work properly. So they try and fail, and try again until they are successful. Dedicated and passionate workers, people who enter these fields are truly some of the most unique innovators in their jobs. As far as gender equality in STEM fields, this will only happen through continuously urging legislators to budget equal pay for men and women alike. Intelligence does not have a gender. Careers are not gendered. Work holds no gender. Passion is genderless. All of these things are required to enter the tech field, but being a boy or girl is not. Gender should no longer be a reason not to hire or not to promote someone. Discrimination is an intolerable act, and society needs humans that are capable of solving the most intricate of technology problems today in order to advance tomorrow. Problems are solved with profound and long lasting solutions. It will take cooperation of everyone to make change happen. Although societal change isn’t something that happens over night, humans can act as a catalyst in the change for equal pay of men and women in all fields. The need for technology masterminds is necessary now more than ever.