Manmade diamonds present a new era in diamond cutting technology

For decades, it has been perhaps the world’s most genius slogan that diamonds are indeed forever. This is an industry that, over time, has evolved to bloom into the booming sector that it is today. Every year, around 150 million carats of diamonds are extracted from the Earth. And, unfortunately, it has not always been an industry that has actively practiced ethical resourcing of the diamonds. For generations, the blood diamond trade in Africa enticed some of the most dangerous, even hostile worker conditions in the world (if you can ever call them that).

The drive for diamonds has never ceased, nonetheless. People all over the world consider diamonds to be some of the most precious stones available, and indeed they are. But more to the point, now that awareness and a general understanding of how exactly so many of those diamonds make it to the international market has bloomed so significantly, there is more of a push to source the precious stones more reasonably, on every front. The diamond industry might not be going anywhere any time soon, but the hope is that soon the way in which it operates from the onset will change.

The push for a more ethically sustainable approach to sourcing diamonds

Over time, ethical awareness spread, and today there is a push to eradicate the blood diamond industry, but it is an ongoing battle (for more information on legal rights surrounding workplace incidents check it out here). Even so, a rising solution to the crisis comes in the form of manmade diamonds. These diamonds are just as beautiful as organically sourced diamonds, and with a practically flawless ethical stance on sourcing, polishing, and marketing, at that. And, as it turns out, an especially significant approach to diamond cutting.

It all starts with controlled manmade growth inside a specified lab

Being made in a lab, manmade diamonds are controlled from the moment their creation and subsequent growth is initiated, to the moment they are polished and finalised before being sent out to the global market. Whereas organically grown and sourced diamonds are all different sizes, shapes, and clarity, manmade diamonds can be controlled every which way, which ultimately makes them more easily cut and polished when the time comes for that process to take place.

Diamond cutting manmade diamonds is more acute, more precise

The laser cutting technology used to cut diamonds in manmade and controlled labs is so precise that I can make thousands, if not millions, of the exact same cut, to the exact same specifications, to the exact same quality, time and again. Further, the process of diamond cutting these stones is more time-effective, owing to the fact that the machines used to control and carry out the diamond cutting technology are much faster than human hands. This makes it easier for manmade diamonds to be cut not only more precisely, but more quickly, ensuring that turnover rates remain high and the quality remains at its best.