The ultimate list of IT resources that UBC students can utilize

If you haven’t noticed, technology has taken over the world and the only way for anyone to survive, especially college students, is to evolve alongside it. In the past, students lacked the technical knowledge necessary to take advantage of various IT resources that were beginning to appear across college campuses. Students at UBC today have no excuse for not taking advantage of IT resources available to them. All you really need is access to the internet.

The importance of having a personal website

Many students might be skeptical about the necessity of creating and maintaining a personal website. There are dozens of benefits gained from having a personal website and it doesn’t take very long to actually make one. To better understand how to get started building an online presence, all you have to do is compare local web hosting services to figure out where to house your website. After that, you can have a website up and running in a day or two using WordPress.

As a college student, having your own website can set you apart from other job applicants when your job search begins, whether you are applying for an internship or a full-time job. A personal website can act as a personal portfolio where you are able to showcase work from projects, organizations, and jobs. 

Controlling your personal branding is another added benefit of a personal website. You have the power to convince potential employers to form an opinion that you want them to form regarding your professional presence. Even having a second place to point recruiters to where they can place a face to a resume is an added benefit.

Imagine a scenario where you found your dream job. You and your competition sent in your resume and your cover letter, excited about the opportunity. The difference between you and your competition is that you have a personal website and they don’t. While they sit there twiddling their thumbs, you are updating your website to make it personalized towards the job you applied for. Imagine what will happen when a recruiter opens your website and sees “Specific Company, please interview me.”

Investing in a laptop

It’s understandable if you don’t have a laptop yet due to financial difficulties. School and everything surrounding your education is expensive. The problem is that laptops provide such an improved experience over an alternative. With a laptop, you can work whenever and wherever, achieving a level of independence and freedom that you previously lacked. 

If you are not able to afford your own laptop, you can simply rent one from the library – all you need to do flash your student ID.

Beyond that, you have other options. There are options for a personal laptop that will only cost you $200 such as a Chromebook. You may not be able to use complicated software and play games on a Chromebook but you can surf the internet, use Microsoft Word and Excel, and take notes in class.

Anything else that needs to be done can be supplemented by a rented laptop or by using a PC in the library.

Immerse yourself in coding and develop your interests

Coding is a modern language. Everything regarding technology beyond hardware is made possible through different coding languages. The value of knowing how to code is massive and could help you as automation takes the job industry by storm.

Beyond that, having any additional skills on your resume will help you in securing a job when you graduate. Any extra little bit can help when applying for a job. At the very list, showing you have a diverse set of skills can get you ahead of the competition.

There are various resources that any UBC students can make use of on campus to further their coding knowledge or to dive deeper into interests they have. The internet also has a lot to offer for free. Previous generations mainly view education as an institution. We don’t fully disagree as UBC is one of the best institutions for learning in the world, but there are other options as well.

Education has generally become much more fluid and learning is accessible in a wide variety of places. Anyone can learn how to play the piano via Youtube or learn filmography through an online learning platform such as Coursera. While you might not receive a document certifying your skills, you can learn many useful skills. The world is becoming increasingly flexible regarding qualifications. If you receive one degree and have skills in another field, the combination of the two makes you a unique job candidate.  

There is no reason why you cannot learn a new skill while pursuing your undergraduate degree or masters at UBC. It’s only a matter of dedication and self-motivation. As a student, learning how to balance your formal education with other learning opportunities will make you a well-rounded person after graduation.

Small Business Accelerator

At UBC, becoming an entrepreneur is just as much about immersing yourself in technology as it is about learning basic business principles. If you have a business idea, the business accelerator program gives you access to technology that will allow you to bring your business idea into reality.

The biggest boost the accelerator can give you is access to market research you wouldn’t have otherwise. Data from studies on the internet can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. UBC has access to information you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

The accelerator also gives access to other online resources such as business idea evaluation, business plans, funding, and legal assistance. Accessing this wealth of information while you’re in school can give you a massive leg up on future competition. 

Final Thoughts

Almost anything is possible with the internet and other forms of technology. The main issue is trying to figure out where to specifically look. Information overload is a real thing and UBC is attempting to make the process easier by providing specialized IT resources. Exploring the IT resources available at UBC can make your education better and your post-graduation life even more prosperous.