Guide to Buying Vancouver Canucks Tickets For UBC Students

All fans and students of UBC looking for tickets to a Vancouver Canucks game can find them at special prices from the team’s official website and other popular ticket websites once the schedule is out. For the best deals and prices, you can start comparing the tickets across different sites.

The demand for Vancouver Canucks tickets increases like never before as the excitement for the 2021-2022 NHL season escalates. You can visit the official Canucks website, NHL website, and many other reliable ticket-selling sites to see the Vancouver Canucks schedule. 

But if you don’t want to miss out on the best seats and opportunities, we suggest you check out the Vancouver Canucks presale.

University students of UBC can look for “Student Rush” tickets and purchase them at great discounts. All you have to do to get the deal is register online with the email address of your university and wait for a reply. Options for purchasing the tickets to various games will be available from which you can select the best ones. 

So going to a Canucks game will not be a problem even if you are a student. In fact, you have the only deal of its kind! However, the exact seat location will not be shown while you purchase the tickets. You will be able to check it when the event comes near, and your tickets are uploaded. But with such discounts and knowing that you can get to meet your favorite team, it is quite a bargain!

In fact, Vancouver Canucks fans might not have to go through any hassle purchasing tickets to their game as there are apps and sites that have ticket prices compared for you from different websites. Ice hockey fans, especially Canucks fans, are expected to rush for Vancouver Canucks tickets as the team brings in their top game yet again.

The Vancouver Canucks are off to a great start this year, and fans are waiting for their future performances to blow their minds away! Those determined to watch their favorite players can look forward to the game’s presale. It is one of the sure ways to score your tickets to one of their games, whether they play in their home field or a different city. 

Buying tickets to ice-hockey games isn’t as complicated for UBC students as it might have been before because of various options and special discounts available now. All you have to do is decide which game you want to go to, and the rest is a piece of cake!

The Vancouver Canucks is a Vancouver-based ice hockey franchise belonging to the NHL’s North Division. They joined the NHL in 1970, giving its fans several achievements to remember, including reaching the Stanley Cup Finals thrice. The team received the President’s Trophy in two consecutive seasons (2010-2011 and 2011-2012). 

Ice hockey is a popular sport in several countries across different continents. And while it is Canada’s national sport, many other countries consider it the most popular sport during winter. If you are a fan of ice hockey, the upcoming NHL games of this season will surely excite you. Find out when and where your favorite team is playing so you can feel the thrill of seeing them compete live!

Also known as the Canuckleheads and the ‘Nucks, the Vancouver Canucks are rising in popularity and gaining more and more fans every season. If you are waiting to see their next game, you might not want to delay checking out their schedule and getting your hands on the Vancouver Canucks tickets, as they are sure up for grabs!

It was quite a struggle for the Vancouver Canucks in their early years at the NHL, failing to reach the playoffs, until 1975, when they qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs. However, the team has grown and shown excellence throughout the years, making it one of the biggest NHL contenders for its rivals.

Fans of the ‘Nucks can look forward to a great match this upcoming NHL season, too, as they are ready to take on the rink with full force. With the current roster, one cannot be more confident that they will bring home the trophy! If you are looking forward to being a part of this season, you might want to keep track of the Vancouver Canucks schedule.

The current uniform of the team comprises blue, white, and green colors. The team’s mascot is Fin the Orca, which is an anthropomorphic orca (killer whale). When you are at their game, you will often see the mascot beating a drum of the First Nations or skating during break times with air cannon firing t-shirts to the audiences. Sometimes you will see “smoke” coming out from the blowhole on the top of the head! People know Fin the Orca as a mascot that “chomps” their fans’ heads.

After finding out the dates for the games, you can easily find lots of websites offering tickets for the same. If you tend to be forgetful or if you want to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity when the tickets go on sale, the ideal thing would be to set a reminder. That’s how early birds get the best seats!

While purchasing a ticket to the next game, you will see that they come at various prices depending on the location of the seats and other factors. Check out the official NHL website to find out the tickets listings. If you are hoping to get a good view of the game and watch the action of the players closely, you’re going to have to make a little more investment.

Tickets to single games frequently go on sale, so you would want to keep taps when the games are nearing. You can also opt for the season tickets to get access to all of the Vancouver Canucks’ home games. These tickets also offer special benefits and discounts on merchandise. 

While excitement for the upcoming games fills the air, it’s your time to quickly grab your favorite tickets, and rest assured that you have access to their game(s). And the best part for UBC students is that you are in for great deals when it comes to securing the games tickets. Look out for special offers for students that will surely make it easy for your pockets!

In their history, the team has retired a total of six players- Stan Smyl, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Pavel Bure, Markus Naslund, and Trevor Linden. Except for Daniel Sedin and Bure, all of them served the team as captains, and everyone, excluding Naslund, played in the Stanley Cup Finals. While all the others retired their jersey numbers at Rogers Arena, Smyl retired at the Pacific Coliseum.

With Rogers Arena serving as the team’s home field, you might know already that you are up for another historical match by the Vancouver Canucks. Seating more than 18,000 people, the arena is huge and fit to hold events for the most popular ice hockey teams. However, do not get comfortable as when teams like the Vancouver Canucks play; people fight for only the best spots!

Those hoping to see this season’s NHL games and cheer for the Vancouver Canucks can find various tickets for sale on different websites. As mentioned earlier, you have to be the first to get the best seats. Several ice hockey fans are waiting on the same opportunity to see their favorite team live, and we’re telling you, late comers won’t stand a chance at getting the best tickets!

Before the Vancouver Canucks moved to Rogers Arena in 1995, the Pacific Coliseum was their home ground for twenty-five years. The Pacific Coliseum has a capacity of 16,281, although it was 15,713 initially. It served as the venue for short-track speed skating and figure skating during the Olympics (2010). The arena was also Vancouver Giants’ home from 2001-2016.

Currently, Bo Horvat serves as the team’s captain, with general manager Jim Benning and head coach Travis Green. If you want to catch the Vancouver Canucks play against their rivals like the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, and Chicago Blackhawks, you can catch the presale early. 

With top players like Elias Pettersson, Jake Virtanen, Matthew Highmore, Travis Green, and Thatcher Demko, fans of the Vancouver Canucksare confident that they are going to take home the cup! And you might see it happening live if you grab your opportunity before it’s too late.

Established originally in 1945 as a team in the Pacific Coast Hockey League, the Vancouver Canucks have a long history. They might not have been the biggest and the best during the initial years. However, fans sure know today that they are supporting a strong team. 


If you are a UBC student, all you have to do to get into your favorite team’s game is wait for the sale and special discounts. And even if you aren’t one, don’t fret; there are several websites that offer tickets at unbeatable prices when the games come near! Just don’t forget to keep checking the schedule to make sure you get your hands on the best tickets, as many other diehard fans are waiting on similar opportunities.