Trump or Biden? Bitcoin Wins Anyway

Expects have concluded that Bitcoin will not lose value regardless whether Trump or Biden win. The harsh battle going on between the two parties has gotten as radical as it gets. While many states are debating what the elections will result in, Bitcoin and it’s properties does not stand at stake. The democrats as led by Joe Biden, or an eventual Donald Trump reelection, Bitcoin (BTC) will thrive nonetheless. This statement is strongly supported after a study is done, which overall took an optimistic stance regarding the future of Bitcoin.

The study which became accessible to the public on October 27th. It highlighted that 2020 saw Bitcoin (BTC) rise in terms of value, and it shall continue to do so for the rest of the year, whether the United States of America is run by Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Additionally, it suggests that around 36% of investors in North America had high interest to be involved in the Bitcoin business in the future. The study showed that : “Interest is on the rise: More than half of U.S. investors are interested in investing in Bitcoin In 2020, more than half (55%) of survey respondents expressed interest in Bitcoin investment products. This marks a significant increase from the 36% of investors who said they were interested in 2019.”

The increase in Bitcoin (BTC) demand only depicts the serious interest of individuals who will potentially become buyers in the future. They seek to do so through various maneuvers, since in today’s time one can purchase Bitcoin’s in many ways. One of the ways namely being automated robot sites that generate profit on their own accord, such as Bitcoin Trader. With an incentivized initial investment, somewhat modest, it is easy to generate additional amounts of profit.

The silver lining around all of this is that most of these studies on investment were limited on North America grounds. When we expand our perspective and choose to acknowledge other major markets such as Europe and Asia, the scope of interested individuals grows. In Latin America alone the interest in Bitcoin (BTC) has hit an all time high, with it being a dominant in Bitcoin ATMs. If we try to come up with a number of investors, 32 million reside in the U.S. alone. Hence, the impact of the U.S. elections can consequently impact Bitcoin on a small scale, but not necessarily since the world market is vast and endless. It does not end in the United States. 

There are many reasons why U.S. citizens choose to invest consistently in cryptocurrencies, and especially in Bitcoin. It has been on a track of exponential growth, which assures and communicates a certain level of safety. This makes it an exciting and appealing component to add to the portfolio of one’s capital. It can only be considered a wise decision, since after 10 years of it’s launching date, it has only experienced growth.