What does participation involve?

What does it involve?

Should you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete a 45 to 90-minute online questionnaire asking questions about your background, personality, social relationships, attitudes, and wellbeing. Then, for ten days, we will ask you to complete two 5 to 10-minute questionnaires per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. These brief questionnaires will ask you questions about your current context, your thoughts and how you are feeling, your everyday activities and social interactions. You will receive reminders. All components of the study are entirely optional and you can discontinue the study at any time. Should you decide to participate and complete 80% of the daily questionnaires, you will be entered in a lottery of $50 Amazon gift cards. Your name will be entered once for completing the first questionnaire and once for doing at least 80% of the daily questionnaires (1:5 chance of winning).

How will my personal information and data be kept confidential?

Your confidentiality will be respected. All data will be stored on secure, password-protected computers at the University of British Columbia. Questionnaire responses will be stored separately from identifying information. All information you provide will be used solely for research purposes and only members of the research team will have access to the data. 

The Principal Investigator may be required to make the de-identified study data publicly available in the future. For example, the de-identified data may be made publicly available in an online repository such as UBC’s digital repository for research and teaching materials, cIRcle. The personal information that we collect from you (specifically, your email address) will never be stored with your survey responses or your study data, and only the Principal Investigator and their designated research staff will have access to any personal information. Even with this effort to maintain privacy, however, there is still the potential that you may be at risk for loss of privacy if the de-identified study data were to be made public. You will not be able to withdraw your data once the data is made publicly available.


Please email thrive@psych.ubc.ca or phone (604) 822-3549 if you have any questions.