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Failing Specimen Arbutus Tree

Seven years ago I blogged about an impressive arbutus tree in what was once a relatively untouched part of campus off Agronomy Road near Main Mall.  It was a splendid tree, lush, large, and magnificent. The same tree is greatly … Continue reading

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Xmas Trees

When I was a child my family would load up in the family car and head out of town looking for a suitable place along the highway to stop and cut our annual Christmas tree.  Dad would find a spot, … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

All across campus trees are being removed.  It’s the inevitable price of development. Some trees should, of course, be removed.  Many of the trees are simply in the way of the grand development plans.  There used to be a wonderful … Continue reading

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Not really about a tree

This isn’t really about a tree.  It is, however, about the removal of something old without notification or consultation. There used to be an old painting of a fish boat and dock.  It was hung on the wall in the … Continue reading

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Ponderosa Pine at the Ponderosa Centre

The Ponderosa Cafe was a key meeting place for UBC students for at least 30 years.  Today, the once busy building has been turned over to UBC administrative activities among other things.  You will still find a tiny coffee pit … Continue reading

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