Encountering Technology & Emotion(s)

Stephen Petrina, Principal Investigator
Mary Bryson, Teresa Dobson and Lynn Fels, Co-Investigators

UBC Hampton Research Fund (2004-Present)

The objective of Technology and Emotion(s) project is to explore technology and emotion(s) with a view to developing new perspectives and to redirecting research in the field of human computer interaction (HCI). The research team is especially interested in how children and adolescents interact with robots, especially robotic toys, and how groups of adults (digital animators, theatre students, netizens, cybergame players) emote with technology. One assumption is that, more and more, emotions are deigned into artefacts to generate attachment on levels that are not merely cerebral. The Technology and Emotion(s) project was designed to articulate into a larger study of cognition and technology.

Selected Publications from the Technology and Emotion(s) Project

MA & PhD Theses from the e-Motion Project:

Mirela Gutica (2008)
Emotional Design: An Investigation into Designers’ Perceptions of Incorporating Emotion into Software. M.A. Thesis.

Lauren Hall (2007)
Relationality, hybridity, awareness: Being with AIBO. M.A. Thesis.

Juyun Kim (in progress)
The Politics of Play: An Actor-Network Approach to the Cultures of Digital Gameplay and Learning in South Korea

Yifei Wang (2008)
Designing Chatbot Interfaces for Language Learning: Ethnographic Research into Affect and Users’ Experiences. M.A. Thesis.

Petrina, S. (2006). Feelings, values, ethics and skills. In S. Petrina, Advanced teaching methods for the technology classroom (pp. 58-90). London: Information Science Publishing.

Kim, J. & Petrina, S. (2006). Emotional laboring in the video game, The Sims: A curriculum of emotional experience. Educational Insights, 10(2).

Brennan, K. (2006). The managed teacher: Emotional Labour, Education and Technology, Educational Insights, 10(2).

Bryson, M., Dobson, T. & Petrina, S. (in progress). Encountering technology and emotion(s). Rotterdam: Sense.

Conference Papers
Kim, J. & Petrina, S. (2005). Gaining more than emotional experiences: Emotional laboring in the video game, The Sims. Paper presented at the international conference of the Digital Games Research Association, 16-20 June, Vancouver, BC.

Kim, J. & Petrina, S. (2006). Emotional laboring in the video game, The Sims: A curriculum of emotional experience. Paper presented at the conference of the American Educational Research Association, 9-11 April, San Francisco, CA.

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