9 Things You Need to Know if You’re Planning To Study Abroad

Studying in a foreign university or college heralds a life-changing experience. It’s an exciting adventure that will open up new possibilities and help you to grow as a smarter and more mature individual. Studying abroad is an elaborate process. There is a multitude of things that you must take care of to ensure a stress-free move. Here’s 9 things you need to know before you study abroad:

  1. Get a comparative study on 5-6 universities

Don’t just focus on one university as it will only cut down your opportunities to study abroad. Proceed with a shortlist of at least 5-6 universities. Make sure the institutions host your desired course or stream. Read about their faculties and alumni. Get a thorough study on their rules and regulations regarding applying to college. If you meet the eligibility criteria in all the shortlisted university, you should send your application to all those institutions.

  1. Check for a scholarship program

Studying abroad can be very expensive depending on your destination. You should check out the scholarship opportunities offered by your chosen university for foreign students. Your chosen university should promise a neutral and judicious scholarship where financially needy and meritorious students are given priority.

  1. Arrange the required paperwork

Make sure you have all essential documents for travel, including your passport and visa. Check beforehand the eligibility criteria and required documents to pass the visa interview.

  1. Consult a senior studying abroad

Do you have a senior studying in your chosen international university? You should request them to extend you information about the university and life overall there. He or she can offer you valuable advice on accommodation, living costs and standards, which will make your life much easier upon arrival.

  1. Inform your doctor

Inform your family physician about your plans to study abroad. It’s especially important if you are currently under medication. Your doctor will suggest tips on taking care of your current health situation and overall wellness when you are staying alone abroad. He will also inform you about all necessary immunizations and vaccinations you need to take before boarding the flight.

  1. Don’t skip medical insurance

You need to arrange medical insurance before studying abroad abroad. It will take care of all urgent medical expenses in your destination country, which is vital if things get serious.

  1. Get the contact number of your country’s embassy

This is another crucial tip you should keep in mind while studying abroad. If an emergency strikes you should contact your national embassy.

  1. Carry original documents, not just photocopies

You need to carry original documents (passport, visa etc.) with you as you board the. This is important in the case of an emergency.

  1. Don’t carry valuables abroad

Do not bring overly valuable items abroad. Thieves and burglars are always on the lookout in certain countries. Flashy apparel and expensive items will only attract their attention.

All the best for your new journey.

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