Which Certs Will Make a Difference to Your CV in the IT Industry?

The IT industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, thanks to the new advances in technology which are constantly revolutionizing the way we do business. Today we are seeing more and more companies adding a CTO, CIO, or both, to their executive lineup and analysts are predicting massive job growth thanks to the explosion of IoT.

In an industry that changes as rapidly as IT, it can seem redundant to amass qualifications which may soon be out of date. Especially when the job itself involves so much hands-on training and trouble-shooting with new tech, from the moment it’s released.

There are some certifications, however, which are worth getting under your belt.

Project Management Certifications

In-demand certifications like PRINCE2, and PMP can help you advance your career within the tech industry. For example, the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Training provides IT professionals with the skills they’ll need in project management roles. The best thing about these certificates is that they are transferable to any industry. PRINCE2 and PMP are the most respected project management qualifications in the world, ensuring that at the end of your training you have an internationally recognized certification you can take anywhere.


Despite the bickering over which is more valuable in the industry, ITIS or DevOps, the ITIL cert still makes it into the top paying certifications for the industry.
ITIL is a qualification specifically for IT services management, and is essentially seen as the set of best practices for this industry. ITIL Certifications are offered in a modular approach, from the foundation course, all the way up to a Master level. But even the foundation course will equip you with the knowledge necessary to maintain smooth operations of all your daily services.


While many people will say that security certs are useless, the trend of cybercrime is up and the recent Equifax hack proves that good knowledge of security protocols and best practices are essential to protecting company and consumer data.
CISSP has the benefits of being broad, and well recognized. While it isn’t necessary for an entry-level position, after you have a couple of years of experience under your belt in the industry, a CISSP cert can better position you to stand out amongst your peers and improve your chances of promotion.


When it comes to cloud computing, Amazon’s Web Services is the best cert you can have on your CV. Whether you’re a developer, an administrator or an analyst, AWS has become the gold standard for the cloud. A recent survey of IT professionals conducted in the US and Canada showed an AWS certification could boost your salary by 26%.

If you haven’t already earned some certs, it’s never too late to start padding out your resume! According to the previously mentioned survey, IT professionals hold at least 2 certifications. It just goes to show, staying educated is the best way to stay on top of your game.

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