Nailing your job interview

Searching for a job can be easy if you know the right steps that lead to it. If you are still a few years away from searching for jobs, then you should look for internships in your area. Engineers and technology graduates have tons of options when it comes to interning. Science and arts students, including those who have done counseling courses in Australia are not too far behind. Believe it or not there are students out there who have done more than one internships. It is hard but not entirely impossible.

Big accounting firms have extensive internship programs. Hence, it is not difficult to answer the question of impressing your prospects with one’s talents. However, it is the stage after the internship that is often challenging. Applying at various places and acing the interview is what leads you to getting a job of your choice. Here are some tips for your job interview.

The First Few Moments Of Your Interview

It has been found that most interviewers take their decision about a candidate within the first few moments. If you need to impress, them do it within that time frame. Many interviewers start with small talk, asking you about what you have done and your interests, so make the most of small talk and work it to help you make a deep impact. Try to make a personal connection with them before you head to the main round of interview. The more they remember you, better your chances of getting hired.

Pay Attention To The Interviewer’s Tone

Pay close attention to your interviewer’s tone. If she is asking casual questions, or if her body language is relaxed, you match her vibe. On the other hand, if you look stiff and nervous, and answer questions like a robot, the interviewer will never think you are a good fit. Your aim is to show the person sitting on the other side of the table, that you belong to the place – you are the right fit! Of course, do not fake it. It is very easy to spot fake behaviour and that might spell disaster. If you truly like the place and see yourself fitting in, you don’t have to try too hard to show it.

Connect With Your Body Language

Enough has been said about the importance of a firm handshake and there are tons of information on web that will tell you how exactly a great handshake needs to be done. What is more important than a firm handshake is making eye-contact. Looking at your interviewer when you shake his hand is crucial. Do not move your eyes before the hand shake is over. Even if there is no handshake, lock your eyes with the interviewer when you enter the room and say your greetings. If you don’t they will know right away that you are nervous.

Add Your Personal Touch

Finally, keep some anecdotes ready, so that you can include them in your answers. You have probably learned the technical part by heart. But if you are asked a behavioural question, try to add some personal story touch to it. It might be hard to recollect exact personal incidents, hence keep a few ready in your head so that you can use them where needed.