Understanding the Different Cuts for Engagement Ring Stones

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in any person’s life. It is even more exciting when you are trying to pick out the engagement ring itself. There are, of course, a lot of moving pieces to sift through when you are trying to choose the ultimate engagement ring for your partner, and it can be overwhelming to see the choices laid out in front of you. It certainly is useful to have some assistance to know where to begin and what to expect.

Whether you are looking at choosing between a traditional round solitaire or a radiant cut engagement ring, or have no idea where to even start looking for your engagement ring inspiration, it pays to understand the different cuts for engagement ring stones. There are five mainstream cuts of engagement ring stones, and each of them is special and unique in their own distinct way. So, what are these five main types of engagement rings, and what is so special about each of them? Why are they so beloved around the globe?

Cushion cut

The cushion-cut shape is one that sits on the hand exceptionally well. Crafted into a romantic, gentle shape that is essentially a square cut that has been gently rounded out along its corners, a cushion cut engagement ring is one of the most popular choices among couples around the globe. As one of the most classic engagement ring stone cuts, the cushion is perfect for the elegant bride (or groom).

Emerald cut

A rectangular shape with slightly rounded out corners, the emerald cut is a “renowned Art Deco-inspired choice” for an engagement ring stone. The perfect choice for the timeless contemporary bride (again, or groom), the emerald cut engagement ring is becoming more and more popular all the time.

Oval cut

One of the most classic and stunning engagement ring cuts, the oval cut is one that is both highly coveted and rare. Highly coveted, because of the obvious beauty of the cut, and rare because oval stones are not as easily found as other shapes, making them rarer to behold and even rarer again to obtain.

Pear cut

The pear cut is an exceptional shape that is not just an engagement ring centrepiece, but a statement piece for the ages. Becoming more and more popular around the globe, the pear cut engagement ring is one that exudes unique beauty and pristine elegance. This makes it the ultimate engagement ring style for many couples – and no doubt many more to come.

Round cut

The traditional round solitaire is the world’s most popular engagement ring and the round cut of the stone has always been one of the most popular types of diamond shapes. There is a classic timeless elegance that comes hand in hand with the brilliant round cut engagement ring stone, and it is something truly wondrous to behold, a classic if there ever was one.