Photos! January 20 Debate

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Rabi Sun, the man behind the much-beloved Portraits of UBC project, and the Just Shoot Me blog was kind enough to help out UBC Insiders with some debate photography last week. This is a huge step up for us, as it means not only are the pictures in focus (something we struggle with), they are also really nice!

You can visit the entire album here.

Scary Mike Kushnir, looking quite non-threatening.

An audience question regarding the candidates’ priorities for preventing sexual assault on campus.

Did they give the correct responses?

The audience carefully consider the stances of the VPX candidates…

…until Aaron Palm starts talking.

Sean Kim checks his notes.

O hai!

Every set of pictures must feature the lovely Elections Administrator, Isabel.

A great shot of both candidates for VP Finance.

Iggy Rodriguez towers over the microphone stand, other people in general.

Manitoban Mike Kenyon talks about the effects of tuition freezes.

Tom Dvorak with one of his famous “Tom’s Tirades”.

Mark Latham, patron saint of VFM. Thank you for your steadfast support of independent journalism at UBC!


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