Green Canada

It is well-known that Canada has an abundant amount of natural resources ,such as forest, water and wild animals. For example, on our campus, napkins and bench are all made of recycle materials. And everyone need to classify their garbage before throw them away. At the same time, the First Nation in Canada do not waste any parts of animals after hunted them as well as plants. These are all “green” details for Canada to build an eco-friendly country.

As for individuals ,they are many general tips, we can create a greener world just by doing some easy things.To start with,it is necessary to switch off lights before leave the room.This is an efficient way to save energy.Besides we should separate bottles and boxes from other garbage,so that they can be recycled in a scientific way. It is everyone’s responsibility to support the recycled work. Last but not the least, we can choose to buy used textbooks instead of new books. This can not only help us to save money, but is also a fantastic way to avoid wasting forest resources as well.

To sum up, Canada is a really green country. That everyone lives here is supposed to take every effort to build a Eco-friendly living environment. Every small actions will become useful if we persist it for a long time.
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  1. ranson says:

    You showed a great array of factors that go into being “green” in Canada. Not only did you talk about the First Nations people, but also about recycling and housing; great pointers!

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