Blog 2 About the immigration strike in 2013 [Johnny Fang #55617138]

Blog 2

Johnny Fang #55617138

Topic: The influence about the Immigration Strike in Canada.


During the summer of 2013, employees in Immigration office of Canada started a strike, which mainly about salary increase, and the strike had been spread all the Canadian embassies and consulates around the world. Since the strike have great influence on applying visas for international students, many universities in Canada decided to let part of the students extending their enroll date to January (Canadian Immigrant). As an international student, I also experienced this. My original enroll date is September 4th, for the strike, the date was postponed to January. Personally thinking the strike is quite commonly seen because of the salary, for the commodity prices are rising globally, it has been harder and harder for people to buy things with their previous salaries. Also I cannot make any complaint on this because my late commitment, that’s my own problem.

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  1. ranson says:

    Johnny, I enjoyed reading your article as you put a personal spin on the story. Great way of including your opinions and experiences.

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