Word of the Week 4: Geocaching

This is the ultimate game of hide and seeking treasure, and a great way to bring technology into your PE lesson. Pronounced “geo-cashing,” this game uses GPS technology to guide geocachers to the location of a geocache – a small water proof container with containing a notebook. The coordinates are published online and accessible to everyone. There are currently 1.1 million active geocaches located in over 110 countries.

Robinson and Randall suggest geocaching is a great way to get students outdoors and interacting with the natural environment (2014, pg., 273). How might you utilize geocaching in your PE program? What are your opinions regarding bringing technology into PE?

One thought on “Word of the Week 4: Geocaching”

  1. What a great Word of the Week! I accidentally found a geocache once on Denman Island and I was stoked. It’s such a cool concept and definitely a great way to get kids not only moving but using GPS technology as well. I know at UVIC there’s some really tricky geo-caches to be found, including one IN the fountain! I bet UBC has some pretty great ones as well.

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